Night Parrots at the Old Telegraph Station

I will be travelling to Alice Springs 4 - 9 th May,  to introduce Night Parrot Stories and attend the very special Something Somewhere film festival. There are a number of confluences. In 2013 and 2014 I spent several months based out of Alice Springs filming Night Parrot Stories.  And a lifetime before, in 1989, I was the treasurer of the Alice Springs Film Society...mainly this meant that I picked up the 16 mm films from the post office and made sure that they arrived at the Totem Theatre on Friday night. Just upstream from the Totem Theatre is the Old Telegraph Station. There is a somewhat surreal image painted by Gillen in his journal from the Horn Expedition to Central Australia in 1902. He notes that Night Parrot feathers adorned the (then new) Telegraph Station. They were brought in to the telegraph station by the operator's cat. 

The screening is taking place in the open air,  just behind the Totem Theatre, 7pm on 5th May.