AusAid funded child rights activities (2012)

A trailer for the Australian National University, pitching for funding for a project.

Skiing The Murray (2018)

Cystic Fibrosis charity

Skiing 2400 km on the Murray River to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. 

More than words (2009)

A charming short film celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, produced by viafilm for  ChildFund Australia.

The Fish Catchers(2013)

Filmed in the port of Concepcion, Panay Island, Philippines (2012) for an AusAid funded project on child rights.

5 (five) (2004)

This film holds many good memories for me. It is from northern Vietnam and intimately depicts the difficulties of not reading and writing the language of the Government.(for more information click here)

Video portrait of

Stasia Dabrowski (2008)

National Portrait Gallery of Australia 3'30"

City of trees (2013)

One of several films made on the arts projects conducted during the celebrations to mark one hundred years of the existence of Canberra.




Bamboo Bridge trailer (2018)

Director: Juan F Salazar

Cinematographer: Robert Nugent

Matador Films

A Birriliburru Journey (2018)

Central Desert Native Title Service (WA)

A short film depicting the various ways the traditional owners of the Gibson Desert are caring for their homelands. 

Children Driving Change (2013)

Filmed in several countries, children were trained in the use of small video cameras so that they could record their understanding of the rights of the child. The project was funded by AusAID and implemented by Baptist World Aid.

Video portrait of a Canberra arts project (2013)

ACT Government 



Australian Wild Life Conservancy (2011)