mentoring / cinematography / editing...

Bamboo Bridge (2018)

Director: Juan F Salazar

Cinematography: Robert Nugent

Slices Of That Pie (2017)

Mentor director / producer / editor:

Robert Nugent


I was mentor director and editor for Justin Ray's first film. Justin set out to document artists with disabilities who were participating in a Belconnen Arts Centre project. Justin himself identifies as being disabled. The project allowed folk with disabilities to be mentored by an established artist. Justin uses his film to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life.  

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"five" (2004)

(13')Mentor director/camera/editor

Robert Nugent

Being taught to read and write on the Vietnam / Lao border (more information)


Cinematography / editing /  18' (2016)

The costs of tourism. Impressions from a 200 kilometre walk on the Baltoro Glacier in northern Pakistan.

Warning: This video contains graphic images of animals in distress.

Cinematographer / editor

My Sydney (2016)

University of Sydney project / Editor