Robert Nugent / Simpson Desert / 2014 /   Filming Night Parrot Stories.

Robert Nugent / Simpson Desert / 2014 / Filming Night Parrot Stories.

current projects

- "Riverbend"...revisiting representations of the Murray River and the social geography of its waters. currently filming (February 2019) in the Albury reaches of the river. (Independent film)

- "The Inductivist"...a film on nuclear weapon control systems, based on the life and work of the man 'who saved the world', Des Ball. in development with John HughesMitzi Goldman (Earlyworks / Looking Glass Pictures)

what we do

Creating meaningful knowledge from research documentation and then into a film, or podcast, can be a daunting process. 

Viafilm's experience in 'thinking through a video camera' assists researchers to position complex situations in ways that are compelling and unique to the audiovisual.

Please be in touch. Viafilm likes to help... 


Viafilm evolved from a group of colleagues working in overseas aid, who became interested in how audiovisual media may augment the work of researchers and NGOs.

Viafilm relies on a web of ethically driven long-term professional and accademic connections and friendships.

robert nugent

Rob is a filmmaker and the director of viafilm, based from Canberra. 

Rob previously worked for the United Nations in Afghanistan and Cambodia (1990 - 2001)and the Central Land Council in Alice Springs (1986 - 1990).

As well as a film director, Rob is a skilled cinematographer, sound and video editor. He has a long-standing interest in creative ethnography, audio recording and observational filmmaking.

He was a Visiting Fellow at the Consortium for Research and Information Outreach (CRIO) and then the Digital Humanities Lab at the Australian National University from 2009 - 2012. 

Robert Nugent's curriculum vitae 

email: robertnugent.film[at]gmail[dot]com

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