Memoirs of a Plague


Memoirs of a Plague (2012) 77'/52'

Looking Glass Pictures, Screen Australia, National Geographic 

During 2008, 2009 and 2010 I travelled to Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and western NSW in Australia to record humans interacting with locusts. 

The war against locusts is as old as human civilisation. Memoirs of a Plague shows the dramatic encounter between man and locust. Do we live outside or within nature, and who is hunting who? Memoirs of a Plague is a feature documentary that was screened at IDFA, Margaret Mead and Hotdocs.

Director: Robert Nugent

Producers: Mitzi Goldman and Robert Nugent

Cinematography: Robert Nugent and Bonnie Elliot

Editor: Rowena Crowe

Distributor: Ronin Films


Margaret Mead Film Festival / New York